Nico Ericksen-DERISO  |  co-founder & RUNNER

After watching his Grandfather detiorate from an everyday runner to an eventual Alzheimer's victim, Nico has taken his Grandfather's place, running to further advance the battle against one of the world's most difficult diseases.



sadie witt  |  co-founder & RUNNER

When I first began running, it was for the purpose of clearing my head after a long day. It gradually took on more meaning. It became a social outlet; when I’m a part of a team or club, I’m part of a strong community. The day of my first high school cross country meet, my grandfather passed away. Having always been my personal cheerleader as well as an active person himself, I decided to race and that I would race not for myself, but for him. I’ve learned, running holds a greater significance that is beyond just for oneself. Through the RRT, I will be running for Alzheimer’s.


bailee Mulholland | Runner

Running was a transformative experience for me. It helped me to understand the beauty of early mornings and the focus and hard work it takes in order to achieve a goal. I've met my best friends through running. By embarking on this road trip, and raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer's, I hope to spread the sense of community and support that I've recieved by running.


CHARLIE Watson | Runner

Running is a fundamental part of my everyday life. Over the past 8 years it has honed and shaped both my body and my mind; making me the person I am today. I hope that by road tripping across the country and connecting with runners and non-runners in every state, we can raise a significant sum of money for Alzheimers research.


ziv Epstein | Media technician 

Running is more than a sport. It's a way of life that brings communities together. Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, I've seen this first hand. Now I want to bring this sense of community and empowerment that running can provide to a larger community at scale. I can't think of a better cause for this project to support. I will providing the technical resources to get RRT moving.


Amy Lopez | Video editor 

Being born and raised in Los Angeles, I quickly fell in love with filmmaking and photography as a child. Living in California for 21 years has given me the opportunities to work in television, film production, radio and news. But I knew in order to grow, I needed to get out of California. So I moved to Boulder, Co during the summer of August 2014 to finish my education at CU Boulder. I graduated with a degree in broadcast production and film and now currently live and work in Denver. I feel incredibly lucky to have met the RRT team while living in Boulder. So when the opportunity to join the team as their video editor came up, the only answer was yes. I'm really excited to be a small part of something that is supportive of such awesome people and an amazing cause!