Day 8.

Day 8 - Bellingham, WA, to Missoula, MT

Run - None

From the eyes of Charlie.

Today began with a very rushed breakfast and departure from Haley’s house in Bellingham. We love you Haley! Thank you (and your roommates) for letting us stay! Hopefully the newly fixed bathroom door and the hardboiled eggs we left in the fridge can serve as ample compensation for letting us spend two nights in Bham. We got on the road a little late at 8:30 am, but that was fine because we just HAD to stop for coffee at this place called Primer Coffee which had really good espresso (not’s Bellingham)!! I’m a very inexperienced espresso drinker, so today’s espresso was the sweetest tasting espresso I’ve had to date. I thought it was much tastier than the slightly sour espresso I’m used to drinking at other shops. Props to Primer Coffee, and Kevin the barista!

The drive to Missoula was 9.5 hours, but to me, it didn’t feel too long (I’m not sure if this is a good sign or not!!). It felt especially short because about three hours in, we stopped at 270-foot Snoqualmie Falls for some gawking and a stretch break. Back when my family lived in Sammamish, WA in the early 2000s, my brother, my dad, and I used to drive to the falls all the time to learn to skip rocks! Such a fun nostalgia trip.

The six additional hours just flashed by for me, as I got to drive for almost three of them while the rest of the car took lengthy naps. We really need to start going to bed earlier in order to stay healthy and happy for the rest of the trip. Napping in the car is more of a band-aid to the real problem, obviously. The good news is that tomorrow we get to sleep in because we’re delaying our run until the afternoon. This is in order to accommodate our Airbnb hosts’ daughter, who is also a runner! I’m excited to start tomorrow and explore Missoula, but in order to do that I have to finish this blog post and go to bed. Goodnight y’all.

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 560

Miles ran: 0

Elevation gained (feet): 0

Visits to grocery store in order to prepare dinner: 3

Value of unpaid assistance to those with Alzheimer's: $230.1 billion