Day 6.

Day 6 - Portland, OR, to Bellingham, WA

Run - Fort to Sea Trail, Warrenton, OR

From the eyes of Sadie

Upon entering the overlook of the cityscape of Portland after 10 hours of driving the night before, Charlie and I burst into laughter in the back seat. We were finally here to meet Haley in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). We met up with her at the popular Deschutes Brewery downtown. After such a long day we all enjoyed elk and quinoa burgers and washed them down with a cold pint of beer (I’m gluten-free and they had the best GF beer I’ve ever had!). It was a fantastic end to a very long day.

We woke up to steaming cups of delicious Stumptown coffee before our two-hour drive to our run off the Oregon coast. We crammed into our purple car with our fifth runner, Haley Duran (my roommate from freshman year) and headed towards Astoria. Charlie, Bailee and I started the trail at the “fort” part of the Fort to Sea Trail, which would end up being around 6.5 miles one way. Nico and Haley drove to the other end of it to do a shorter part of the run and to catch us coming down onto the beach to take great running shots. For the first three miles of the run, we ran through the most stereotypically PNW scenery: beautiful, green, mossy trees and hilly, dirt trails. We were the only people out on this trail, which made it feel even more magical. We eventually entered fields of farmland, where Bailee and I thought we got lost. Since the trail was so well marked before, we started to doubt that we were still on the trail and were instead actually trespassing. After a ways out, we determined it would be best to turn around and ask people living in the area… it turns out we were on the right path and had to backtrack once again. This ordeal took a while and we discovered later that Nico, Haley, and Charlie were getting worried. We eventually popped out into this stunning field of long green grass with wildflowers overlooking a massive and empty sandy beach. I still can’t get over how beautiful this run was. Bailee and I ran to join the others in the ocean and enjoyed having the peaceful beach to ourselves. I’ve never ended a run in a better fashion.

Driving up I-5, we stopped in Seattle to say hi to my sister (who goes the University of Washington) before carrying on to have a nice dinner with Haley’s family in Arlington. As I write this, we are finishing our last stretch up to Bellingham with a beautiful sunset to take in. We will be here for two nights - it will be nice to have more time to relax before picking up to the next state.

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 376

Miles ran: 22.3

Elevation gained (feet): 1673

Sand now in the car (pounds): 6

Seniors who die with Alzheimer's or another dementia: 1 in 3