Day 53.

Day 53 - Flagstaff, AZ, to Las Vegas, NV

Run - Old Caves Crater Trail, Flagstaff, AZ

From the eyes of Sadie.

All four of us woke up pretty early this morning - around 5:30am. I made some coffee and sat out on our deck overlooking the San Francisco Peaks and rolling green hills of rural Flagstaff, while the roosters crowed and dawn was breaking under an overcast sky. It was incredibly peaceful. And the weather was amazing! It was cool and dry - perfect running weather. This was the best early morning I would say we’ve experienced on the trip. We were all up doing our own thing early voluntarily, taking it slow as to enjoy dawn in such a beautiful place. I’ve never been to Flagstaff but I’ve heard great things about it so I was particularly excited to visit… and I wasn’t disappointed.

Bailee and I went to get groceries the night before for dinner and on our way we saw a trailhead: the Old Caves Crater Trail. We estimated it was maybe 1.5 miles away from the house so we figured we could all just get up whenever and run to the trailhead then complete its four-mile loop. We made a pretty bad estimate. Bailee and I left around 6:30 and discovered it was nearly three miles to the trailhead from the house. Oops. We studied the map and set off through the trees in the silent, empty woods. We made it to the summit of the mountain hitting around 7,000 feet (I LOVE U ALTITUDE!!!) and took in the sights of northern Arizona. I was in awe by how green and beautiful it was up there! It looked like a combination of Boulder and Crested Butte (my two fave places in Colorado!). It felt like I was back home after two months on the road in a sense. We made our way back around the looped trail and back down to the trailhead with three more miles to run back to the house, clocking in around 9.5 miles for our Arizona run.

We got a slow start to make our 11:00 check out time but we succeeded. On our way out we talked to our host who was definitely a colorful character. She showed us all her chickens and geese, which Bailee enjoyed immensely because she finally got to hold one of the chickens. On our way out of town we drove through the NAU campus and downtown just to check out more of Flagstaff before hitting the road towards Vegas. Tonight we will be staying in the penthouse suite at the Bellagio, rolling up to the hottest clubs, getting VIP access to the Chainsmokers show, popping champagne with them, getting dope face tattoos, and if we’re lucky, wake up with a tiger in our room tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned for day 54’s blog post detailing the RRT crew’s night out in Vegas. ;) 

Stats/facts of the day:

Miles driven: 262

Miles run: 38.6

Elevation gained (feet): 3024

Temperature when we arrived in Vegas (Fahrenheit): 100

Increase in Alzheimer's deaths since 2000, Nevada: 130%