Day 50.

Day 50 - Austin, TX

Run - Barton Creek Greenway, Austin, TX

From the eyes of Sadie

We rolled out of bed in Austin, Texas, to get on the road by 5:45 this morning. At that time it was already 80 degrees out, so despite disliking the very early start, we were relieved we got up and out to start running before sunrise (which was at 6:51am). We drove in the darkness to Barton Springs Greenbelt where we planned to meet Matt Sorenson from the Runified podcast. He had interviewed Nico over the phone back in March and ran with us this morning to not only meet us, but to record a group interview. The first part of the interview he recorded was before we set out to run. He then divided up other questions for each of us individually to answer during the run. We were the first people he’s interviewed while running so he’s unsure how the sound quality will be on that portion of the podcast. I already struggle to eloquently articulate a structured response to a formal question on the fly, so I definitely found it more difficult to fluidly respond through panting while simultaneously dodging branches and rocks. (Let the record hold that I was the last of the four of us to be interviewed during the run, hence was solidly panting at this point in the run). It was a fun trail and we all enjoyed finally meeting Matt, who we were introduced to through one of our sponsors, goodr.

After credit carding the sweat off our backs (a trick Ziv taught us… on our last humid state run), we hopped in the car to tackle Austin traffic and head towards a popular BBQ place, La Barbeque. This is a place where you have to wait in line before they open so we made sure to get there early. Luckily we started the line, which paid off. The line grew quickly, becoming very long as it got closer to their opening time, 11:00. We had sausage, chipotle coleslaw, brisket, potato salad, and a massive beef rib. Nico, Bailee, Ziv, and I scarfed all of this down right in front of our resident vegan, lil Charlie. It was incredibly good and incredibly rich. We had to check off getting some good Texas BBQ during our stay in Austin! After our feast, we said our goodbyes to our guest runner/Media Technician, Zivvy, who had joined our cramped car for Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. It was awesome having him for part of the road trip even though it meant there was even less space in the car for our 5-8 hour drives.

The rest of the afternoon, the four of us split up but ultimately ended in all of us taking long naps, which was much needed. Tomorrow we wake up early yet again, but not to run. We will be driving all the way to Albuquerque, New Mexico, tomorrow, which will be our longest drive on the road trip, clocking in a staggering 11.5 hours. Add in stretch breaks/switching drivers, potential traffic, and stopping for lunch, and it should be easily over 12. The four of us, especially Bailee, is very excited to be getting into the dry climate of the West again after so much of the last month being humid on top of the summer heat. I’m also very excited to be heading back towards the West because of my familiarity with it relative to other regions in the country. For New Mexico in particular, we’re pumped for the Southwestern food that includes roasted hatch green chillies. Mmmm… yum.

Four more states to go.

Stats/facts of the day:

Miles driven: 30

Miles run: 30.2

Elevation gained (feet): 1,388

Position in line for BBQ: 1st

Gifts received by Cure Alzheimer's Fund in 2016: 15,347