Day 5.

Day 5 - Ketchum, ID, to Portland, OR

Run - Proctor Mountain Loop, Ketchum, ID

From the eyes of Bailee

Started out this morning pretty early. We’re getting pretty good at packing up all of our things, although for some reason I was struggling with my stuff. I couldn’t find one thing so I’d unpack my whole bag and as soon as I found it, I wouldn’t be able to find something else. Well, I finally got my stuff together and we headed out to Proctor Mountain in Ketchum, Idaho.

At first we weren’t sure we were in the right spot, but then we saw the sign for the mountain. It was in this pretty nice, upscale neighborhood and along the side of the road was a little dirt road going straight up. Charlie went to do some business in the port-a-potty, and I decided to start ahead of the boys as I figured they’d catch me anyways. (They took a wrong turn right at the top of the first hill and didn’t catch me until the top when I waited for them).

The trail was beautiful. A perfect 10/10. It was definitely my kind of trail. Gentle climbs, soft dirt, and surrounded by trees. From the first climb you had some pretty flat trail that continued through the valley until it turned into a switchbacks up the mountain. It began completely shaded and a bit chilly but once you hit the switchbacks you started to warm up a little from the incline. It wasn’t until I hit the switchbacks that I heard Charlie yelling at me. I was a little relieved as we’d gone over the plan of attack this morning, and I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d taken all the correct turns. I figured if they were below me, then I was on the right track so I kept going. All of it was run-able, however it was pretty continuous uphill so I stopped to take a few power hike steps here and there.

What was really cool was once you broke out of the valley and forest switchbacks you ran switchbacks along the side of the mountain. I could see Charlie and Nico briefly below me, and honestly that made me not want to stop. This is probably the one and only time I could stay ahead of them so I just kept going.

Right as I reached the top, a bush covered in some sort of animal poop (maybe bear?) hit my ankle and then there was a nasty clump of poop on my leg. I got most of it off with some leaves and such. Then I waited at the top for Nico and Chuck.

The descent was crazy, the underbrush was thick and in the path so you couldn’t really see where you were putting your feet. It was a lot of high knees and prancing. I got scraped by so many little bushes it felt like I was dying from the death of 1,000 cuts. (Although let’s be honest it wasn’t actually that bad, but it was a little bit of bushwhacking). The three of us ran down together and then there was another short climb up before a steep final descent. My motto for going downhill like that is to be fearless, but this time around we were a bit cautious as the downhill was pretty slick with a lot of loose little rocks. It’s still early in the trip! Can’t die too much! (Side note: surprisingly it’s been a long time since I’ve actually wiped out on a run...hmmm maybe I’ve gotten better?)

I’m a little bummed the run was so short (only around 4.5 miles total). On terrain like that, I feel like I could run all day. Unfortunately, we have more places to go. The drive was so long today. I drove for around two hours! (Yay me, we didn’t think I would drive much at all, so that’s pretty exciting). But honestly, it’s killing me a little bit sitting so much in the car. My legs feel pretty tight and my hips are pretty angry with all the sitting. But the summer is still early, and we have many more hours on the road ahead of us. So, onward then!


Stats of the Day

Miles driven: 589

Miles ran: 14.3

Elevation gained (feet): 5,164

Items left on car roof while driving: 2

Hours of care provided for Alzheimer's patients in 2016: 18.2 billion