Day 47.

Day 47 - New Orleans, LA, to Hot Springs, AR


Run - \varnothing

From the eyes of Zivvy - guest starring for the southern leg of the trip

Deep in the south, today represented a large step in propelling the Running Road Trip to its final, westward chapter. The 47th day (chirp chirp unreal right) was to be a long day of driving to Hot Springs, Arkansas, so we skipped the morning run and aimed at getting on the road by 8:30. We told Charlie we would be at his Airbnb (Jen, Charlie’s supremely wonderful girlfriend, had flown into NOLA for the weekend, so they had their own separate airbnb about 1.5 miles from ours) at 7:45 with absolutely no intent of getting there then: for those of you who don’t know him personally, Charlie is so laudably organized and meticulous that he is often late for things. So we figured the deceit would actually get him out of the house at 8:15, which is when we intended to actually get to his place. To Charlie’s credit, however, he was ready at 7:45 and made us look like a purple clown car of buffoons.

The drive began with the epic Lake Pontchartrain Causeway - the longest continuous bridge over water in the world. The bridge is just under 24 miles, and driving on it is a truly bizarre experience. After 15 minutes of zipping along at 75 mph, you can’t see land in any direction. Only water and the thin abstract strip of concrete extend to the horizon. Spearheaded by Bailee, we filled the time contemplating the logistics of hosting the First Annual Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Marathon. Indeed the run would be hellishly monotonous, and spectatorship would have to be a boat-based venture. But there wouldn’t be any issues with getting lost on the course, and aid stations could use water directly from the lake. Not my cup of tea, but people are known for doing absurdly painful things.

The drive itself proceeded uneventfully through the rolling hills of rural Mississippi and Arkansas. We rolled into our cute little cottage in Hot Springs late afternoon, giving us plenty of time for us to cook a wholesome dinner, for Nico to drink the local Craft Beer and run home, and for a quick afternoon catnap. Afterwards, we revelled with delicious veg.

We were all very excited because this night, the 47th night of the RRT, is the golden night of evening media consumption. There is both a new Game of Thrones episode and Rick and Morty season premiere. For millennials who love twisted comedy, the convergence of these two shows rivals an eclipse.


Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 459

Miles run: 3.6

Elevation gained (feet): 315

Times Zivvy almost jumped out of the car at yet another country song: 47

Number of deaths due to Alzheimer's in 2007 (Arkansas): 824