Day 45.

Drive: Ocean Springs, MS to New Orleans, LA

Run: Ocean Springs Beach

From the eyes of Charlie.

Today in a nutshell:

  1. Run on the beautiful beaches of Ocean Springs, MS

  2. Eat donuts (if you're Bailee and Nico that is)

  3. Drive to New Orleans

  4. Pick up lil’ Ziv Epstein at the airport

  5. Nap, set up my new nexus 5 (finally I have a phone again!)

  6. Experience the revelry that is the tourist trap otherwise known as Bourbon Street

  7. Sweat

  8. Munch on fried seafood in a freezing restaurant

  9. Continue to experience the revelry that is the tourist trap otherwise known as Bourbon Street, but this time listen to some really nice live jazz in a European themed jazz lounge along the way.

  10. Lyft home, crash on bed, finish blog post.

Today in long form:

Over the past two months, I’ve learned that the more time we spend out here traveling to a new state day after day, the more I begin to draw comparisons and similarities between climate and location instead of processing our journey as a never-ending crossing of state boundaries. It's such a distinctly different way of thinking about the US, different than my usual perception which is based on my gut-feeling associations with the names of different states.

Tennessee: volunteers

New York: statue of liberty

California: ocean

Indiana: corn

Montana: buffalo


This kind of classification assumes that Montana is the only state with buffalo, or that Indiana is the only state to grow corn. And well I guess New York IS the only state with a Statue of Liberty...

What I'm really trying to say here is that it's been awesome to finally break through these one word associations that all of us have had with states on the map that we'd never visited. Now Mississippi to me is more than just a spelling trick you learn in 1st grade. At least in the place we stayed, it's a fantastic beach town, with sticky climate and fuzzy flora similar to all the other beach towns along the Florida and Alabama coasts. Tennessee to me used to just mean country music and the city of Nashville, but now I know it's basically Kentucky in terms of the types of forests and the occasional hills you encounter when driving through. But the natural environment in both of those states was simply a warmup for what we encountered in West Virginia, which won prettiest run, and most surprising state in my book! Seriously if you ever visit Thomas, WV and you don't run/hike the Blackwater Canyon Trail I doubt you're making good life choices. If you do run/hike the trail someday, then send me a snapchat and show off!

With that, I'd like to sign off for the night haha! Goodnight everyone!


Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 129

Miles run: 16.6

Elevation gained (in feet): 246

Humidity: 320%

Increase in Alzheimer's deaths since 2000, Louisiana: 86%

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