Day 44.

Day 44 - Tuscaloosa, AL, to Ocean Springs, MS

Run - Tuscaloosa RiverWalk, Tuscaloosa, AL

From the eyes of Sadie.

We wake up in a dorm room at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa… (ROLLLLL Tide)... and I’m taken back to my freshman year of college. I even slept in a captain-style bed just like I did four years ago. The one thing I was missing was my roommate, Haley. The university is also prepping to have the “Bama Bounders” come in so the orientation leaders were all decked out in khaki shorts, crimson polos, and school-colored pom poms on the sides of their backpacks. We stayed with Nico’s friend, Allie, who is an orientation leader in her suite on campus. It’s really interesting to note where we’ve stayed over the course of the road trip:

  • North Dakota: camping

  • Rhode Island: a house full of RISD art students

  • New Hampshire: a summer camp, bunking in a cabin

  • South Dakota: motel

  • North Carolina: a little farm

  • Several states: donated/discounted nights at Airbnbs

Some professions of hosts we’ve stayed with include: nurse, lawyer, surgeon, environmental engineer at the EPA, priest, economist at the Federal Reserve, and real estate developer. It’s been very cool to experience these places through diverse hosting arrangements and getting to know such different people. And last night we could check off staying on campus at a university... (ROLLLL Tide).

Nico got up at 5:00 to get his run in while Bailee and I “slept in” until 6:15. We ran along the river by the university, getting in a short run of 3.7 miles. We ran so slow - my hips just creaking along and Bailee dying in the heat and humidity (we think she has a heat rash). This definitely was one of our least favorite runs… but apparently Nico enjoyed it. Charlie decided to take today off and prep for his job interview. The rest of the morning was slow-going. Allie, Nico, Bailee, and I got in a good game of Ticket to Ride where I cruuuushed Nico before we hit the road towards our Airbnb in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. (Confession: Every time I write Mississippi, I discovered I still sing that song of its spelling in my head in order to write it fluidly). Now, as I write my blog post, we all sit in this large living room surrounded by windows while thunder rolls and the rain pours down. And yet again Charlie left his running shoes on top of the car so they got drenched. We have an unfortunate theme of leaving things on the roof whether we are just parked and the item is getting rained on all the way to driving on the highway and clothes are flapping in the wind. But hey - despite our poor track record, we haven’t broken or lost anything in our 44 days on the road *knocks on wood*. 2.5 weeks to go.

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 253

Miles run: 15.5

Elevation gained (feet): 473

Times we all lost "Ticket to Ride" to Allie: 2/2

Percent increase in Alzheimer's deaths since 2000, Mississippi: 109%