Day 43.

Day 43 - Brentwood, TN, to Tuscaloosa, AL

Run - Mossy Ridge Trail, Nashville, TN

From the eyes of Bailee

We are currently on day 43 out of 62 days. We have 19 days left to go, a little over two weeks. I have never missed Boulder more. This has been my first time being away from the promised land (aka Boulder) for this long and I’m ready to return. I miss my house and my little white dog and my family. I miss running in mountains and all of my Boulder friends. And everyday, I miss a climate without humidity.

I think humidity hates me. Based on the last couple of runs, I’ve come to the realization that I get humidity sickness. It’s like altitude sickness, but for humidity. I’ve never spent much time in a humid environment, so I think my body has decided to rebel. Every time we run, I end up completely drenched in sweat, and completely dehydrated. Around four miles in, I start getting nauseous. Since getting to the southeastern states, I’ve puked twice mid-run. (This is unusual. Before this trip I’ve only puked twice from running; once from eating a shoot ton of crepes immediately before running and the second time mid-50k. So puking twice in the course of a week is a lot). Honestly, I thought about it yesterday, and I’m not sure I would be able to force myself to run everyday in a humid environment in the summer if I lived in one (although my friends tell me a big part of my incompatibility is the fact that it’s my first time in humidity. Apparently, if you deal with it long enough, you get used to it and no longer die as much - I think this is a myth).

Today, the run was alright. Only Charlie and I ran. Nico was tired from yesterday and Sadie’s hips have been really tight and painful so they both took the day off. We set off for the run a little after 6:45am, I drove. After a little trouble finding the trailhead, we parked the car and did our running thing. We ran the Mossy Ridge Trail, a 4.5 mile rolling trail through Percy Warner Park in Tennessee. The run was short enough that I still felt mostly okay at the end (although I started getting hit by nausea the last couple of minutes and was pretty glad to see the road we’d come in on).

Post-run we headed back to the house, showered, ate, and headed out towards Alabama. I drove again and listened to podcasts while the others dozed. Overall, I’m still enjoying the trip, but I’m ready to be done (and will be really ready to be done by the time we finally finish). I like seeing all of the new places, but I miss my home. For now, it’s still awhile before we get closer to our return so I’ll just let my dreams of beignets in New Orleans and the return to non-humidity carry me through to the end of the trip.

Stats/facts of the day: 

Miles driven: 253

Miles run: 4.5

Elevation gained (feet): 919

"Roll Tide"'s heard while walking around Alabama's campus: 0 (Surprisingly) 

Number of Alzheimer's deaths in Alabama (2013): 1398