Day 41.

Day 41 - Decatur, GA, to Brentwood, TN

Run - Stone Mountain Cherokee Trail, GA

From the eyes of Sadie

Another day, another run. Same routine. We roll out of bed to leave our host’s place to head to Stone Mountain. This running location wasn’t what we had planned on but was suggested by our host the night before. Stone Mountain is literally a massive 1,600 ft mountain of rock in the city of Atlanta. It has carvings on one side of it of Confederate Civil War generals and includes a couple trail options. One trail goes straight to the top by climbing up its steep face. I decided to hike up there while the rest of the group did some trail around the mountain. I got to the top, which was absorbed in a cloud. Apparently you would usually be able to see downtown Atlanta in the distance but I couldn’t so well today. It was so bizarre sitting on this giant rock in a cloud in a Southern city at 1,600 feet. Strange, but very, very cool. And peaceful. I sat there for a while seeing what I could through the wispy cloud until I received a text from Bailee saying they were finished with their run on the trail.

On another note, my body straight up hurts. I feel like an old lady. My hips, particularly my right one, is incredibly sore and tight despite several minutes of stretching and rolling. Since the drives are getting longer, my body is starting to tighten up again from the long periods of sitting after running. Both my feet hurt; my left foot still aches from when I rolled it badly on the Massachusetts “Hell” run (check out my sick Strava detailing my survival out of the woods) and my right foot pinky toe is raging at me after picking off a nasty hangnail yesterday. Oh, and the bug bites. In South Carolina, I randomly got stung by a bee on my neck half way into my 8 mile run. In Florida I got bit by some red ants and mosquitos. Today on my hike down the mountain I also randomly got stung on the back of my arm by a bee. I had to ask a stranger to pull out its long-ass stinger still stuck in my skin since I couldn’t reach it. I also discovered some bug bite is now infected on my leg. All this with my glorious scrapes and bruises on my legs from my tumbles, and we have an irritable mess.  Alas, 11 more states to go.

I drove us out of Atlanta close to 12:45 and crossed into Tennessee and also into the Central Time Zone (weee!!!). We camped out for an hour at Fido, a tasty town café, and wait until we could head over to the 6:00pm, 3-5 mile fun run at Green Hills Fleet Feet. It was 90 degrees and 60% humidity at this time, so we were struggling. But it ended up being successful; we met a lot of interesting people, sold some swag, and raised some money for Alzheimer's disease research! Tired from two runs and a 4.5 hour drive, we decided to scarf down dinner at a Greek restaurant up the street from Fleet Feet at 8:15 instead of dealing with making a meal at our host’s house this late. Tomorrow we have two runs as well; we drive 2.5 hours up to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky tomorrow morning and then have another community event in the evening… a speed workout! Time to channel my high school 800m running mentality...

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 283

Miles run: 37.3

Elevation gained (feet): 3825

Slipperiness of wet granite: 10/10

Tennessee Alzheimer's deaths ranking: 6th