Day 37.

Day 37 - Palmyra, VA, to Greensboro, NC

Run - Saunders-Monticello Trail, Charlottesville, VA

From the eyes of Sadie.

My alarm goes off at 6 this morning and I slowly roll out of bed with a groan. Although our drives haven’t been very long lately, we still need to start the day early in order to beat the intense heat and humidity. I always remember I’ll thank myself later. I sleepily stumble downstairs to meet the rest of the team but learn that Nico’s legs had fallen off on yesterday’s hilly long run in the Appalachians and Charlie wasn’t going to crawl out of bed. Down to the two of us, I drive Bailee and I 30 minutes away through the winding small roads of rural Virginia to Monticello during sunrise. And yes, it was very beautiful. This was a very untraditional start of the day in that: one, I was driving us to the run (Nico always does this in the morning); two, it was just two of us running today; three, there was only two of us in the car (of which the four of us live in together); and four, there were no stinky boyz!! (just two stinky girlz).

We ran at the Saunders-Monticello Trail by Thomas Jefferson’s estate. It was about 4 miles on a gravel path through the woods. We get to the top by the visitor’s center and explore, hoping to find a way to see the estate. Unfortunately, they weren’t open yet to visitors and we would have to pay, according to some lady that came to bark at us. We ran back down the hill completing an easy 4 miler. Bailee drove us back to our host’s house where the non-gluten-free people and non-vegans ate waffles. Meanwhile, I enjoyed some yogurt and GF Purely Elizabeth granola and Charlie ate a steaming bowl of leftover quinoa and veggies we made the other night.

We didn’t have too far of a drive today - about 3 hours to Greensboro, North Carolina. About two hours in we stop at Santana’s Mexican Restaurant in Danville, Virginia. When in doubt about where we can all eat as equals, Mexican food is the easy go-to. Enjoying our chips and salsa, a notification pops up on my phone saying that someone tagged the RRT in a photo on Instagram. It happens to be a photo of our car taken at the (practically empty) restaurant we were at. We were all wondering who it was and began getting all loud and excited in this quiet restaurant. Then we hear a guy enjoying lunch with his wife and kids a couple booths away saying, “hey, you liked my post?!” He’s a local runner who looked us up after seeing the website on our car and loved what we were doing so he posted about us on his account of 4k followers! He also reps goodr sunglasses regularly so got excited that they are one of our sponsors. Before we parted ways, he took a picture with us (posted that one as well) and bought one of our RRT BOCO Gear hats! If you had asked me what the likelihood had been that we would’ve run into someone this interested in our project at this extremely empty Mexican restaurant in Danville, Virginia, I would’ve responded with a number in the negatives. It’s always exciting to meet people who come to us expressing interest in the RRT.

We are staying at the Doodad Farm in Greensboro with Bailee’s neighbor’s cousin. Along with a goat, a cat, and some bunnies, they have a dog named Sadie (which is funny because two nights ago in Thomas, West Virginia, our Airbnb host had a dog named Niko). But wooooowwwww a dog named Sadie?!?!? Oh em gee, how surprising. And yes that is sarcasm. I have met way more dogs named Sadie than humans. I literally know one other human Sadie. Why is that?

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 229

Miles run: 8.5

Elevation gained (feet): 653

Length of goat's beard (inches): 7

Medicaid costs of Alzheimer's in NC: $1.094 billion