Day 35.

Day 35 - Silver Spring, MD, to Thomas, WV

Run - Rock Creek Park, MD and DC

From the eyes of Nico

The past 36 hours or so have been defined by a set of minor hiccups. While all were slightly concerning and inconvenient at the time, they all proved to be inconsequential in the end. That is to say, everything worked itself out…


Hiccup #1:

We almost did not have housing tonight.

OK, writing that out makes it sound a lot worse than it was.

Yesterday morning, we received a message from our West Virginian Airbnb host. She expressed her excitement at hosting and meeting us, and gave us basic instructions for our arrival that day. As in July 17th. As in the night before we were scheduled to be in West Virginia.

That’s about when we realized we screwed up. Despite knowing we would be sleeping in West Virginia on July 18th, we accidentally requested and booked lodging on July 17th. Luckily for us, our Airbnb host is incredible, and after messaging her apologizing for our mistake she was happy to give us the night tonight instead. Crisis averted, due entirely to the kindness of a stranger.


Hiccup #2:

Where did Bailee go? Nobody really knows…

Or knew, really. Sadie, Charlie, and I had all finished our runs this morning and were stretching and drying off by the car. This is, by no means, an abnormal occurrence. However, when it got to be about 30 minutes into this period, we started to try to figure out when Bailee, at the latest, should be getting back. When we hit the 60-minute mark, we started to get legitimately concerned. And then, about 70 minutes in, we began the journey back along the trail in order to find Bailee. Once again, the situation got solved smoothly and easily, with a walking Charlie encountering a running Bailee and then waiting for a driving Nico and Sadie to arrive in the car. Crisis averted, due to a well-planned out “oh-no!-somebody-got-lost” course of action.


Hiccup #3:

Squalls are scary.

We got hit by blinding rain on our drive today, right as we were entering the hilly part of northern Virginia and trying to merge onto a different highway. Not being able to really see out of the front windshield makes that a lot more difficult. Charlie handled it well though, slowing down enough to pace the rest of the nervous drivers until the squall moved on. Crisis averted, due to skillful driving.


Hiccup #4:

Stumptown is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

This, unfortunately, is the one area where the crisis was not averted, although to be fair it was only a crisis in my eyes. Nonetheless, I ended the day being ever so mildly disappointed, as Stumptown Ales is a relatively new brewery (it opened in 2015), yet is already fairly well-known for its stellar lineup of IPAs, one of my favorite styles. Instead, I had to settle for an ale from Lagunitas, which, while not bad, is something that I have been drinking for the past couple of weeks and that never blew me away in the first place. I guess this just means I’ll have to come back to West Virginia at some point…


Extra: The dog that lives at tonight’s Airbnb is incredibly soft, lovable, and cute. It is also named Nico, thus reinforcing its position as best pet of the trip.


Extra extra: While a couple of reports regarding positive steps in the understanding of Alzheimer’s have been published in the past few days (see here), there is still much to be done. Help support those efforts by donating at (or sharing) this link:


Stats/facts of the day:

Miles driven: 186

Miles run: 37.9

Elevation gained (feet): 3132

Dogs with great names: 1

Other major diseases with no known cure or method of prevention: 0