Day 33.

Day 33 - Pennsville, NJ, to Silver Springs, MD

Run - Swamp Forest Trail, Lums Pond State Park, DE

From the eyes of Charlie.

First of all, a huge thank you to Barbara and Ron for letting us stay the night at their wonderful house in Southern New Jersey. After almost a whole day of sitting on uncomfortable metal stools in coffee shops in Manhattan the other day, the cushy La-Z-Boys at their house lured me in like a starving bear to a fenceless bee farm (where the honey has not yet been harvested of course).

By about 7 am, we were back on the road, crossing the Delaware river by car and making George Washington very proud. Good thing there were no mini icebergs to dodge on the bridge! Side note, how bizarre would it appear to people from the 18th century to see four scantily clad runners sporting calf sleeves and baseball caps dashing through a thick forest for roughly an hour without stopping? Because that's essentially what we did once we got to Delaware. We stopped in to run at Lum's Pond to do the Swamp Forest trail, which was thankfully not too buggy despite its name. Although waking up before 7 am for me means constant sleep deprivation, getting to see the early morning light reflecting off the lake makes it all worth it somehow.

Speaking of sleep deprivation, I slept through almost the entire two hour drive to Silver Spring, MD which is just outside of D.C. We're staying the next two nights at Sadie's aunt and uncle's house, which is this charming little old house perched on a steep hill, with just enough overgrown trees obscuring it from view (and I'm sure helping out with the A/C bill a little bit too with all that shade, lucky for them). Once we got settled and lunched on some lunchmeat and lunchvegetables, Nico and I headed off to a fantastic cafe called Kaldi's Social House which head cheap drinks, fast wifi, and comfy enough seats to get us through four hours of work. There's just something so gratifying getting "caught up" on your electronic life after a day or two away from it. We drove home to meet the girls and Sadie's family where we were greeted with a gigantic meal full of flavor: burgers, portobello, greens, and avocado/corn/bean salad (dressing was not too sweet like so many others I've eaten... I NEEEED THAT RECIPE). 

Right now it's super super late by road trip standards (11 pm!) because we're all getting up around 5:30 am tomorrow, with Nicho rising even earlier, to meet an employee from the Potomac River Running Store. So it's about time that I join the others, and let my face hit the pillow. Goodnight!

Stats/facts of the day:

Miles driven: 139

Miles run: 25.2

Elevation gained (feet): 618

Length of Bay Bridge: 4.3 mi

Average additional healthcare costs for dementia caregivers in Washington D.C. (per year): $976