Day 32.

Day 32 - Brooklyn, NY, to Pennsville, NJ

Run - Garret Mountain Reservation, Woodland Park, NJ

From the eyes of Sadie.

Last night Nico’s parents and the team went out to a nice event in Manhattan. We did a little networking and got a couple of donations! Afterwards, as Bailee wrote about in the last blog post, she went to get dessert and return to our host’s place in Brooklyn with Nico’s parents while Nico, Charlie, and I went out for a couple drinks in the city. I’ve never been to NYC, so it was particularly exciting to be out on a Friday night. I ended up liking the city far more than I expected. We took the subway back close to 1 with Nico dozing off along the way. Luckily, Charlie and I were awake enough to get us off at 7th avenue (if we all fell asleep, it’s possible we could’ve ended up all the way in Coney Island!). What a story that would be.

Nico’s parents and the four of us had tasty pastries, scrambled eggs, and coffee for breakfast before we said our goodbyes and hit the road for New Jersey. It was a great couple of nights in the city so all of us were pretty sad to leave. Upon entering NJ, we got super confused where we were going on the highways (they were actually pretty weird), which gave Nico more of a reason to dislike the state. We finally arrived at our short run at Garret Mountain to find it was just a two mile loop around a mixture of fields and wooded areas heavily used by others runners and walkers. I was happy about our short run because I had rolled my ankle in Massachusetts and had to sit out our Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York runs… and in NYC I was hobbling around on a fat cankle. It felt a little stiff during the run but I could still manage. In fact it was probably a good thing I got moving again.

On our way to our Airbnb, we popped into Philly to have a late lunch with one of Nico’s old study abroad friends, Karli. She took us to the Independence Beer Garden across the street from the Liberty Bell in the Historic District. We then felt the need to finish off our tasty lunch with dessert at the popular ice cream shop, Franklin’s Fountain. It was definitely a hotspot because the line was very long to get into the shop, but it was worth it! It was really cool walking around Philly - I hadn’t been there either so I would’ve loved to spend more time there and experience its history. We saw lots of horse-drawn carriages and people dressed up in 18th century attire, which was fun to see.

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 166

Miles run: 11.4

Elevation gained (feet): 1183

Minutes waiting in line for ice cream: 26

Percentage of dementia caregivers that are "sandwich generation" caregivers (also care for child under 18): 25%