Day 30.

Day 30 - New Haven, CT, to Brooklyn, NY

Run - East Rock, New Haven, CT (with New Haven Road Runners); Brooklyn Mile Training with the Brooklyn Running Company

From the eyes of Charlie.

Today we got an early start once again, running out the door at 6:20 am to meet a group of local New Haven runners just down the street from the house we slept in last night. We followed their pounding feet up an asphalt road to the top of East Rock in New Haven. East Rock… very descriptive name I know. Would you believe that there’s a park on the other side of town called West Rock? Mind blown! All kidding aside though, the view was quite spectacular, especially for a city this close to the coast. You have impressed me Connecticut! A young (now old) stag named Dan McCabe tagged along for this run as well and we tried to play the old Claremont classic “smog or fog” game, which turned out to be pretty obviously “fog not smog.” Gonna add that game to the list of reasons why I’m glad not to be running in the LA basin anymore. Still miss the city though, and have to find a way to visit soon!

The drive into NYC went surprisingly fast (thanks Nico!), considering that I slept through all the boring parts. Though once we were in the city proper, the landmarks just kept passing by and by and I couldn’t take my eyes off what was flashing by the window. This wasn’t my first time visiting New York - I had been there once before at age 10 for fall break - but last time we only had time to see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, and a few other big tourist attractions. This time we’re staying in the Park Slope neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn, getting a taste of the city hopefully from the point of view of a somewhat real New Yorker. To the New Yorkers who are reading this, I hope I’m describing the name/type of neighborhood correctly! If it’s wrong feel free to DM us on Instagram (@therunningroadtrip) and let us know what part(s) of that phrase we should change! Is it city of Brooklyn and borough of Park Slope? Let us know!

I left the group once we arrived in Park Slope and gulped down a quick lunch at a spot called “Pita Pan” which had tasty and reasonably priced Mediterranean/Egyptian food. Next, I headed off to another part of Brooklyn just a mile away to visit my buddy Evan, who I hadn’t seen in almost an entire year! A few hours later, with my thumbs aching after playing so much Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo GameCube, and my veins pumping with cold brew-supplied caffeine, I took the F train back to our NY host’s place. Nico, Bailee, and I then promptly took off in the RRT-mobile to drive to a store called Brooklyn Running Company. They were putting on a track workout event in preparation for the Brooklyn Mile, and had also agreed to let us speak afterwards and promote our project. After crushing the track workout together (4x200 + 4x400 + 4x200 at 92% pace, equal rest for all) and meeting a bunch of runners from all around Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan, we got a chance to hand out little business cards and get people pumped about donating to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. Time will tell if the donations will roll in once they get back to their laptops/phones and are able to type in the URL, but for now, I know for sure that we got some new Instagram followers. Fingers crossed!

Takeaways from today:

  1. Burritos with vegan cheese, crumbled seitan, and vegan sour cream are actually really damn good.

  2. Brooklyn Running Co. branded apparel has EXCELLENT graphic design, two thumbs way up for that one.

  3. NYC subway is so excellent and convenient (and nobody was surprised)

  4. After today’s workout, I got so excited to race on the track again. Oxy D-Car here I come??

- Charlie


Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 106

Miles run: 32.8

Elevation gained (feet): 1545

Other Awesome Runners Met: 37

Medicaid costs of dealing with Alzheimer's in NY in 2017: $4.178 billion