Day 3.

Day 3 - Park City, UT, to Wilson, WY

Run - Pipeline Trail, Salt Lake City, UT

From the eyes of Bailee.

We woke up today at Sadie’s cousin Max’s apartment. I had some issues with thin walls in the bathroom and bladder shyness, so we left Park City early so that we would have time to stop at a grocery store pre-run to do our morning business.

The run today was amazing. Nine point three miles of gentle trail. Charlie ran with one of his friends from school. Nico also ran with them. Sadie and I brought up the rear of the party.

The trail was beautiful, it reminded me of Mesa in Boulder. There were some rocks which got to be a bit hard on the feet at the end, but it was pretty easy with small slopes and almost no elevation gain. It curved around the mountain, and in some places was shaded and cooler. In others, the trail was exposed and the sun was a bit brutal. But what those sections lacked in temperature, they made up with the views. Each of the exposed sections revealed sweeping panoramic views of the canyon and the city in the distance.

I used the GoPro for the first time today, but a lot of the footage I took was pretty unusable. I didn’t realize how much the camera would shake while I was running. In the future, I’ve been told it’s best to run up a little ways, stop, shoot a video for a couple seconds, and then continue running.

We met Nico at the point and stopped to take some pictures before descending again. This was Sadie’s second longest run ever (yay, congrats!) and I think we both noticed the temperature a bit by the end as we were a little dehydrated. (This will probably continue to be a major challenge for us to work on, especially as we move towards the peak of summer and the warmer states).

When we finished, the four of us met by the car and then went to stand in the creek and ice our legs a bit. The rest of the day was taken up by driving. I passed out almost as soon as we got into the car and slept until we reached Wyoming. The constant driving and long hours in the car are definitely getting to me a little. My legs feel pretty stiff and my butt hurts from sitting on it so much. But this is only the beginning. I do miss my little dog a lot, but this is such an amazing opportunity and trip and I’ve had so much fun so far.

We got in tonight and are having the rest of the lasagna from our first night for dinner along with some roasted broccoli. We’ve already settled into a pattern. Wake up. Run or drive. Stop to eat and stretch a couple times. Keep driving. Arrive. Unpack. Do work. Sleep. Repeat. I’m already looking forward to the East Coast and shorter periods of driving, but I guess the views and mountains help to make up for the hours of sitting.


Stats of the day:

- Miles driven: 308

- Miles ran: 36.6

- Elevation gained (feet): 1,073

- Temperature of creek (degrees Fahrenheit): 43