Day 28.

Day 28 - Arlington, MA, to Providence, RI

Run - Skyline Trail, Middlesex Fells Reservation, MA

From the eyes of Bailee

We got back to my family friend, Suzy’s, apartment in Arlington, Massachusetts, close to 11:00 last night. We had gone into the city to get dinner with our friend, Zivvy, and a couple of his other college friends. As soon as we got back to the apartment, we thanked Suzy for picking us up from the subway and then hurried to brush our teeth and hop in bed. We planned to wake up and leave around 6:00am in order to pick up Zivvy for the run before he had to work.

This morning, my alarm went off at 5:15, just as Chuck’s went off. I shot up and ran to the bathroom so I could start my morning routine before the others got out of bed. I finished up with brushing my teeth, putting in contacts, getting dressed, etc. just as the others were starting to wake up. By 5:45, Nico had just started to rub the sleep out of his eyes and Charlie was sitting on the toilet talking to Zivvy. It was a little early so I pulled open the door, put my finger to my lips, and shushed him. He was shocked and then finished his business quietly. Soon after, Charlie went into the hallway to finish discussions with Zivvy. It was raining, and Zivvy decided the bike ride in the rain was not worth it to run in the rain and then bike again in the rain (completely understandable and our run lasted longer than we thought it would, so it was probably for the best as he would have been super late to work).

After we realized we didn’t need to pick up Zivvy, we took a leisurely time finishing getting ready. I think between the four of us, we spent a full hour in the bathroom before heading out. As we were driving to the Middlesex Fells Reservation, the rain died down to a gentle drizzle.

The trail was amazing. Challenging, but beautiful. It was a major type two fun kind of day. The rain alternated between light and almost nonexistent to a major downpour. The terrain was challenging and much more technical than I thought it would be after reading the description online. Although none of the climbs were extremely long, there were constant rolling hills with rocks and tree roots criss-crossing the path. The rocks were slick with rain and at one point I slid down one and possibly-almost-but-didn’t-actually die. Near the end, one of the climbs led up to a tower where you could walk out and have a sweeping view of the city perfectly framed by the trees and nature. I stopped for a minute to take in the view (that’s what trail running is really about, taking that moment to appreciate nature). Then I patted my thighs and said “thank you legs”, before heading down the trail to finish off the loop. 

Eventually, the group reconvened at the car. All of us had gotten a little lost at some point along the trail, but in the end we made it alright. Then we went to a smoothie place for a post run snack. Nico and I split a wildberry muffin. It was delicious and still warm. After, we went back to Suzy’s apartment to shower and finish packing our stuff.

We took our time packing and showering. Nico and Sadie took quick naps. I practiced some yoga with a podcast I found with Larry, the three legged cat. Charlie did some job work on his computer. Around noon, we finished packing and resting and headed out to Rhode Island.

When we got to Providence, we walked around the town for a bit. I got a slice of pizza, Charlie grabbed a greek wrap, and Nico and Sadie went to get beer from a BBQ place. Since then, we’ve had a quiet night in. Nico and Sadie went back out to pick up BBQ for the three of us for dinner (it smelled so good earlier, we couldn’t resist) and sat outside to enjoying the breeze and watching Monty Python. I’m pretty tired since we woke up so early, so I’ll probably go sleep pretty soon. Smell ya later friends.

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 76

Miles run: 33.8

Elevation gained (feet): 4969

Number of us who got lost today: 4

Percent of Rhode Island population caring for somebody with Alzheimer's: 5%