Day 27.

Day 27 - Arundel, ME, to Arlington, MA

Run - Eastern Trail, Arundel, ME

From the eyes of Sadie.

We awoke at 5:30 to Charlie falling down the stairs. No, really, he was clumsily running downstairs to relieve his bladder but took a nice loud tumble on the way. Our host opened her bedroom door downstairs, “Oh crap, Charlie! Are you ok? I hate those stairs.” Well, he accomplished what he set out for, then ran back upstairs to fall back into the futon for some more sleep. In the process of that we hear him whack his head on the slanted ceiling. So, yeah, it was quite the ruckus this morning. *Don’t worry friends and family dear to Mr. Charlie Watson - he is ok.*

Our host, Laura, suggested we run the Eastern Trail down the street, because we didn’t have anything set in stone. It was a beautiful, quiet, flat, wooded trail. I started off running with Nico because his Achilles was flaring up and he needed to go slower. We got into a comfortable pace and just after two miles he turned around. I continued on. I eventually ran into Charlie stepping out of the bushes (you can guess why he was there). And I continued to run, keeping a steady pace and turned around at 3.7 miles. The second half of my run felt harder than the first. When Charlie and then Bailee flew by me just after I started heading back, I struggled to maintain my focus. I began to get very much in my head. Usually I’m able to release negative thoughts and feelings through the process of my run but today my mental and emotional state dipped around mile 4.5. My breathing got heavier, my legs became more tired. I stopped a couple times along the way back in order to try and refocus myself on my run. I was able to get through the last miles, getting in close to 7.5 miles. Usually if I were to get in that many miles (which is on the higher end of my mileage scale for a run), I’m happy about it, regardless of how well it went. But today I didn’t feel accomplished. I didn’t feel like I crushed those 7.5 miles. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things tomorrow for our Massachusetts run.

We hit the road for Cambridge at close to noon, heading for some place to grab lunch with Zivvy and some other Pomona College friends of his and Charlie’s. Because we had to be at our Boston host’s apartment at a particular time, the three of us left Charlie with them for the afternoon as we drove to meet our host. But luckily our time with Ziv will be extended; we plan on getting dinner and drinks with them later. This leaves the three of us with some time to kill with RRT work - me doing the blog today, and Bailee and Nico dealing with emails and future logistics. At least we get to play with our host’s three-legged cat, Larry, as we be productive.

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 117

Miles run: 27.0

Elevation gained (feet): 385

Number of legs Larry has: 3

Seniors who have Alzheimer's or another dementia when they die: 1 in 3