Day 26.

Day 26 - Camp Birch Hill, NH, to Arundel, ME

Run - Random Snowmobile Trails, New Durham, NH

From the eyes of Charlie.

Ran with Mr. Thomas D'anieri and Nico today on the snowmobile trails in and around New Durham, NH. The trails were advertised as "super gnarly" but with my Salomon trail shoes on, I plowed through the mud and rock just fine! Can't believe I didn't buy into the real trail shoe market earlier. I've been running hundreds of miles of sharp, rocky trail on my lowly Kinvaras. What a shame!

First and foremost, Thomas' summer camp, Birch Hill, is essentially paradise. They have a field for every sport you've ever heard of (even bocceball) and even ones you haven't (gurneyball? I think that's what it's called?), a beautiful lake with an inflatable "rock" climbing float and water trampoline, clean cabins, and a dank vegan chef who absolutely killed the vegetables last night at dinner!

The run was mad fun also. Was relaxing to be following somebody around an area they've known for years (Thomas has been coming here since 2008), instead of route-finding and map-reading for the very first time right when we arrive at the trailhead. Along the way we found: Chris McCandless' bus, an abandoned shack, an impromptu firing range, and plenty of mud!

Only bummer about today was that we woke up so early to run (6:30 am) that all three of us, Nico, Bailee, and I all forgot to bring a single GoPro on the trail. So our running adventures will be lost to time (at least in pictorial form). Bet you can mouse through the Strava map though and get a pretty good impression of our little scamper through the trees.

Post-run I took arguably the most picturesque shower ever, in an OUTDOOR shower that overlooked the woods, facing east, with the many leaves illuminated by the rising sun. Plus, the water was even hot!!! It's been the best part of my day thus far and I have no idea in the world as to how I'm gonna top it!

After a real quick 58 minute drive (thx Nicho for the lead foot) we've arrived near Laura's house in Biddeford, Maine. We're all sitting in a coffee shop now getting some road trip logistical work done, and soon we're headed off to Indian food and then the beach. Don't worry rabid Instagram followers, your patience will be rewarded this afternoon with a new spicy spicy post!!! Stay thirsty my friends...and follow us @therunningroadtrip

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 76

Miles run: 20.6

Elevation gained (feet): 2111

People at the Maine beach we tried to visit: Too Many

Hours of unpaid dementia caregiving in Maine alone (in 2015): 78 million