Day 25.

Day 25 - Burlington, VT, to Camp Birch Hill, NH

Run - Island Line Rail Trail, Burlington, VT

From the eyes of Bailee.

Woke up today in a plush hotel way too early for how late we got in. Sadie woke up before me and headed down to eat, while I got ready and then went to eat. We reconvened in the lobby five minutes before Nico had set to leave and were waiting for him. Just when it hit 7:30am we were wondering where Nico was and if we could leave him when we got a text saying “the car is leaving”. We rushed out to the parking lot and got in the car right as he was starting it.

We pulled up to the start location for our run right as a torrential downpour began. There were huge flashes of lightning that lit up the sky as buckets of water hit the car. We were worried we might not be able to run, but figured we would wait it out and see if the lightning would stop. Eventually, we did reach the magical fifteen minutes after the last lightning strike had passed and we laced up for our run. Sadie decided to stay in the car as she was feeling the long drive of yesterday in her body and didn’t want to run in the rain. I shot out of the car as soon as my GPS loaded with Nico on my tail. We headed out and after a couple of wrong turns made it to the lakefront path. The rain only really lasted for the first couple of minutes, and then it slowly died down. I lost my hairband two miles in, and Nico offered me one of his extra. But, I decided we were already getting wet and wild, I might as well run wild and let my hair free for the rest of the run.

We were able to settle into a groove. It was a little bit harder for me, but somewhat sustainable. Of course, Nico breezed along with a shortened stride so that he wouldn’t get too far ahead of me. We ran around 7:30 pace for the first three miles before I needed to slow to 7:40 pace for the fourth mile. After that, we slowed down even more to around 8-8:30 pace which was a nice compromise between a little faster than I normally run and a lot slower than Nico normally runs. The last mile we passed through some of the town and neighborhoods as part of the path was closed for construction. When we turned, the sun had started to come out. It ended up being pretty perfect running conditions and a beautiful run after a rocky start. On the drive back, Nico ran over a turtle with the car (not hitting it, but the turtle was underneath the car between the wheels). When we realized what it was, we pulled over and ran over to shoo the turtle off the road. It was one of those aquatic turtles, with the colorful heads and it could move FAST when it wanted to! Everybody thinks of turtles as slow moving, but I used to own a small box turtle and she could run when she wanted to. Sometimes I miss having a turtle, they’re unique creatures and fun to watch. But I know dogs are much better at interacting and more cuddly than turtles. When I was younger, I’d kind of thought my turtle and I would sleep together in my bed, and then I realized that wasn’t going to happen (I might accidentally roll over and crush her in my sleep, or she’d fall out of the bed). I guess a dog is the right animal for me, we actually get to snuggle; but the turtle was still super cool!

We got back to the hotel and ate a quick second breakfast. Then we all showered, packed our bags, and headed out to meet Sadie’s mom and grandma for lunch. Our drive to the meeting place only took about an hour and a half, a ridiculously short amount of time in comparison to yesterday’s driving marathon. We ate lunch at Simon Pearce, a quaint eatery with a fresh menu and an attached glass blowing shop situated along a river. The food was some of the best I’ve had on the trip. There were little fluffy breads that tasted like clouds and butter. I had Vermont cheddar soup and a salad that had shredded pork and caramelized brussel sprouts on a bed of arugula. For dessert, the table shared a white chocolate mousse cake (served cold and with an oreo-crumb crust so it was almost like ice cream cake in mouth feel) and a lemon lavender cake (two slices of sponge cake sandwiching a lemon cream and topped with fresh blueberry sauce). After lunch, we explored the building. Besides the blown glass being sold in the upstairs shop, there was an area downstairs where you could watch them actually make the glassware. It was like a people zoo. The glass blowers worked in their area that was roped off as people looked on. I think it was an assembly line with each person doing a different step of the process. I wonder if it bothered them that they were constantly watched and documented (through film and photo) or if they had gotten used to it. It was fascinating; their movements were sure and easy, as if they had been born to do exactly that. After, we walked out onto the patio where we could see the waterfall used for hydroelectricity. It was breathtaking.

We finally had to say goodbye to Sadie’s mom and grandma in the parking lot. Her grandma supported our cause and bought several shirts for friends and relatives and a hat for herself. We all hugged goodbye and then we were off again. It was only another hour and a half to New Hampshire. We’re staying at a summer camp where one of Charlie’s school friends. Somehow, we got lucky enough to arrive in between sessions so we’ll be staying in one of the cabins tonight. Tomorrow, we have an early run before the camp starts up and then we’ll be off and headed for Maine.  I’m looking forward to an early night of sleep after a bunch of late nights due to events/driving. So as Tiger likes to say TTFN or ta ta for now!

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 197

Miles run: 22.2

Elevation gained (feet): 318

Dead watches: 1

People in New Hampshire with Alzheimer's: 22,000