Day 22.

Day 22 - Ann Arbor, MI, to CLEVELAND, OH

Run - Gallup Park, Ann Arbor, MI

From the eyes of Sadie.

After awakening from a glorious amount of sleep on the outskirts of Ann Arbor, the team completed the usual morning pre-run routine of guzzling coffee and eating oatmeal. We drove to Gallup Park near the University of Michigan about 30 minutes away from our donated Airbnb. Nico felt some tightness/pain in his Achilles so he sat the run out while Charlie took off. Bailee and I were feeling a little tired when we started but got into the flow of it. The run started winding around the park’s lake and then we quickly hit the B2B bike trail that extends for 35 miles. We ran on pavement through a long stretch of shade then ended up running along a street towards the University. We got in around 6.5 miles, ending with a nice kick once we saw Barney, our purple car, in the parking lot. Luckily, the run felt better than I thought it would because my legs had felt pretty tired so I did a solo cool down lap around the lake, ending with nearly 8 miles.

We wanted to grab something to eat before we left Ann Arbor and headed to Cleveland about 3 hours away, so Charlie asked his dad (who went to school there) if he had any good suggestions… and he gave a great one. Zingerman’s Deli is a Yellow Deli-esque hot spot by the university. They have an insane amount of sandwich options along with all sorts of deli goodies. We approached this young dude taking sandwich orders wearing a hat in the shape of a wolf on his head. He gives us this huge smile and welcomes us. This kid takes our orders with so much enthusiasm and in such a cheesy voice we couldn’t help but answer awkwardly with bursts of laughter due to the sheer ridiculousness of his get-up. I asked if they happen to have gluten-free bread they could make sandwiches on awaiting disappointment but they did! It was quite the process; we had to wait in line for the manager to come out and talk to me directly in order to confirm which sandwich had to be carefully created and to assure me that everything will be sanitized and prepared specifically for a gluten allergy. We then ate our sandwiches on the road and man were they good! The gluten-free bread wasn’t tiny! I felt like a normal human… this was definitely the highlight of my day. I got the vegetarian sandwich with muenster cheese, fire roasted green chilies, avocado, and tomato with a fresh salty pickle on the side. As I write about this my mouth waters. Needless to say, I was quite impressed by this place.

As we drove into the city of Cleveland, Nico got so excited that he blasted and jammed to the Hamilton soundtrack. He always talked it up throughout his four years at Case Western Reserve University to his friends like me back home in Colorado. He took us on a mini tour of his campus. Acting as a tour guide, he explained which buildings were which, their history or fun facts about them, and included short personal stories about what he’d do there back in his crazy college days. Afterwards, we all got a bunch of RRT work done and worked on writing cover letters (gotta start that post-college job search!). Tomorrow, Nico will lead us on some Cleveland run and then we will set off towards Pittsburgh, where we have a run set up at 7:00 with Fleet Feet! After writing about that incredible sandwich, I’m wishing I could have that tasty sandwich again for lunch tomorrow… #NeverForget.

Miles driven: 192

Miles run: 22.1

Elevation gained (feet): 443

Kittens played with: 2

Percent of women Alzheimer's caregivers forced to quit work for caregiving: 19