Day 20.

Day 20 - Kenilworth, IL

Run - Chicago Lakefront Trail, Chicago, IL

From the eyes of Charlie.

Hello everyone! Birthday boy here, at least for another 30 minutes. I’m gonna walk you quickly through my day of birth + 22 years and some odd seconds real quick, because it’s mad late, I ran 14 miles with the crew this morning, and sleep is the only priceless resource on this entire trip.

Today began with my Aunt Cindy waking me up via intercom as she has done on many past holiday trips to their house. While it may not be the most considerate way to wake somebody up, it sure is effective!! Plus you don’t have to climb the many stairs to the guest bedroom if you use the intercom.

I came downstairs in a rush, made myself some coffee, had some avocado toast (shoutout @frarybabes for making avocado toast great again), and a mini bowl of cinnamon spice instant oatmeal. After a short but scenic drive down the lakefront we all arrived at the Bean (which I now know by its official name: CLOUD GATE). But I think we can all agree how much more objectively worse CLOUD GATE is compared to the freakin BEAN! Arguments aside, we just had to expose ourselves like the tourists we clearly were by taking a 110% basic photo “holding up the bean” and posting it on Instagram.

We ended up starting our run from Millenium Park itself, getting turned around by dead ends and the canal (is it a real river?) a few times before making it onto the Lakefront Trail and then running around enough of it to get to 14 miles. Note to future self, eat waaay more than two packets of oatmeal if you’re gonna do a long run in the hot sun. Other than my stomach growling, the run went by pretty quick, and the path was of course beautiful on such a clear July day. When we looped back around to the park, I took Nico to the “spitting fountains” where we got drenched by the artificial waterfalls and tried to wash off all the salt and sweat. Post-run, once Bailee found us again, we headed to a clutch lunch spot called Brightwok Cafe that offered a relatively healthy rice bowl full of every vegetable you could ever ask for. With my belly full, and my run done, the rest of the day (birthday cake, birthday phone calls, birthday laundry, birthday fireworks) became a drawn-out journey to where I now sit: this bed. Goodnight world! This 22-year old is feeling more 62 at the moment. My legs are sore, my belly is happy, and my eyes are closing. See you in four days for my next blog!

Miles driven: 42

Miles run: 45.6

Elevation gained (feet): 530

Fireworks shows observed: 1

Estimated number of Americans with Alzheimer's in 2050: 16 million