Day 2.

Day 2 – Gunnison, CO, to Park City, UT

Run – None (First rest day!) (Thank goodness – yesterday was not easy)


From the eyes of Nico and Sadie


4:10 pm, MST:

We are stuck. Like really stuck. We have been sitting in a line of traffic on Hwy 6 outside of Provo, Utah for the past 50 minutes. Every 15 minutes of so we get teased, the man in the orange vest letting ten cars through before stopping everything again. We can see him now, if we crane our necks far enough out the window.

At least it’s pretty. As we have advanced, the canyon has opened up, the view from the passenger window morphing into a field of tall, dry grass. Nestled in between two rocky, red-dirt cliffs, the grass is sporadically interrupted by three-foot tall thistles, their light grey-green hue contrasting the earthier scene around them.

Unfortunately for Sadie and Charlie, the widening canyon means more exposure, and as the sun heats up the front seat, frustration and boredom sets in. Topics of discussion float to the new Odesza song, “Late Night”. Unable to remember the actual tune, Sadie pulls out her phone. And, well, this happens:


Note: Youtube copyright forced us to remove the song from this video. As a result, you get pure Sadie and Charlie. We apologize in advance.