Day 18.

Day 18 - Lake Elmo, MN, to Madison, WI

Run - Brown's Creek State Trail, Stillwater, MN

From the eyes of Sadie.

Our Minnesota run was the Brown’s Creek Trail in Stillwater, which was a beautiful wooded bike path along the Mississippi river. Despite being pretty tired, it felt good to get some miles in, especially since the temperature was perfect for running. We then drove back to my friend Paige’s parents’ house in Lake Elmo, where we showered and ate a whole carton of eggs that were, as Paige called them, “fresh from the chicken’s butt.” We then hit the road and headed to Madison, Wisconsin.

Our first stop in town was to restock on our food supply so we went straight to Hyvee. Bailee had been super excited about the famous Wisconsin cheese curds, so she sought them out at the grocery store. This woman was putting out samples of their cheese curds, so I went up to try one with Bailee. I told the woman I had never had one before as I popped one in my mouth and her smiley face turned to shock: “What? How have you never had a cheese curd?” Then I told her I wasn’t from here and her smile reappeared: “Ahhhhh, that would make sense.” As tasty as cheese curds are, we went to a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant for dinner with our host Devon and his girlfriend, Julie. We enjoyed big plates of curry, spring rolls, and pho - I’d say a nice way to end the day.

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 269

Miles run: 26.0

Elevation gained (feet): 1251

Cheese curds consumed: 14

Number of people in Dane County (Madison, WI) with Alzheimer's: >7000

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