Day 15.

Day 15 - Kansas City, MO, to Clinton, IA

Run - Krug Trail, St. Joseph, MO

From the eyes of Charlie.

This run started as any good midwestern run in the spring should, under a cloudy, muggy sky threatening another downpour. We started running knowing only two things about the trail: it was loopy, and was said to be confusingly difficult to navigate. Within 2 minutes of setting off down a muddy ravine, we arrived at a crossroads with some confusing ass arrow signs! Already we were bickering over where to go/where we were! I was thinking, aw shit this trail is gonna be a disaster, so I convinced everyone to just continue running up the main trail until we reached a sort of informative map that made the confusing arrows seem more friendly. We set off down the trail that the errant arrows denoted, and soon were hooting and hollering up and down muddy little chutes and skinny little bridges.

From that point onward, the trail took us on quite the rollercoaster ride. The farther in we ran, the better marked it became, even though there were points in its reptilian switchbacks that I totally lost my sense of direction. Luckily, it helped a lot that the park was medium-sized and surrounded by houses on all sides (eventually). It's nice to be able to reassure yourself that even if you lose the trail, if you run a half hour in any direction you'll eventually hit someone's backyard. After a few more miles of "skew"-ing to determine each other's position when the trail got super windy, Bailee, Nico, and I all made it to the exit, which was marked by a "you survived!" sign. Nothing like a little mtn biker dark humor to wake you up in the morning.

All in all a fantastic trail with plenty of varied topography, beautiful canopies, super well maintained, plus our chunky Salomons handled the sloppy mud considerably better than expected. Now if only Garmin's Forerunner 200 GPS antennas could get stronger and we'd actually get accurate mileage under this much tree cover! Too much to ask right now I guess. Perhaps if I spend $500 on a Fenix 5, I'll be able to run through any grove of trees with 100% GPS accuracy!

Right now we're en route to Iowa City, IA to see our friend Maddie Moore, and then it's off to Clinton, IA to stay with Bailee's aunt. Only a few more hours of driving ahead and morale is high! 🙌

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 416

Miles run: 16.3

Elevation gained (feet): 2255

Times Bailee fell: 2

Proportion of those with Alzheimer's who are women: About 2/3

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