Day 14.

Day 14 - Kansas City, MO

Run - Clinton State Park, Lawrence, KS

From the eyes of Bailee.

Today was our Kansas run. We woke up in Kansas City, Missouri (not to be mistaken with Kansas City, Kansas), had a quick breakfast, and headed out to Kansas for our run. We decided to run in Clinton State Park (coincidentally all sorts of fun with names these next couple days as we’ll be staying in Clinton, Iowa with my family in a couple nights).

The run was a million times better than expected. It was beautiful, with slight rolling hills and plenty of trees. I’ve decided I really like tree filled runs, they make the run more interesting and also give you a little protection from the sun. Okay, full disclosure, the run wasn’t all sunshine and roses. The humidity definitely killed me. I felt like I’d been doused in water that was coming out of my pores by the end (which I guess is what happens when you sweat). Also, I think the Garmin’s are off during these forestted runs, because it gave me slow numbers for my miles and for how hard I was working and also for the fact that I thought I was cruising, I might have been going a little slowly, but I doubt as slowly as my Garmin told me. But overall a pretty great run through a forest (I didn’t realize they even had those in Kansas!). It makes me hope that maybe this East Coast/mid-West section won’t be so bad.

Post-run we got lunch at this mexican place which was pretty great: good food in reasonable portions. Side note: I really should start bringing clothes to change into after running because the humidity plus the sweat means I get chilled once I cool down. Also, I felt pretty gross. After eating, Sadie and I walked to get custard while Nico and Chuck got beer. The custard was good, although we ended up walking farther than I thought we’d have to through the city to find it. It was from this food court type area in a large mall. I got chocolate custard mixed with raspberries.

Today we finally had time to do laundry. Thank goodness because I was running out of clean underwear and running clothes. Another thing about humidity, your clothes get way grosser so you can’t wear them as many times in a row!

I went for a secret run with our host, Lynne. (I have to get those miles in so that I can beat Nico and Charlie on Strava - they might beat me in other categories, but I think I can destroy in the miles run per week. Also, we’re slightly behind on our mileage for where we need to be if we want to run 1,600 miles as a group this summer). It was really nice and not too fast. I was feeling pretty tired after our run this morning and wasn’t really feeling like doing a second run, but I ended up feeling really good partway through the run and now I’m at the top of the Strava leaderboard for the week, so it was 100% worth it.

After my second run, I took a quick shower and had time to practice my violin for a little before dinner. (I’m trying to practice more, but it’s been a little hard with our super long days of driving. I think it will be better now that most of the driving days are only 3-5 hours for a little. More time to practice - although is there ever enough time?) Dinner was amazing. We had homemade pizza. There were three different kinds, plus vegan for Charlie and gluten free for Sadie. We even got gluten free cookies for dessert! Such a full day with much good food. I’m pretty tired and will probably go to sleep soon. Heading to visit my family in Clinton, Iowa tomorrow! Bailee out.

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 137

Miles ran: 24.0

Elevation gained (feet): 1779

Miles chased by menacing horse fly: 2.1

Score awarded to Cure Alzheimer's Fund by Charity Navigator in 2016: Perfect 100%

Support their work against Alzheimer's here: