Day 13.

Day 13 - Lincoln, NE, to Kansas City, MO

Run - Keystone Trail, Omaha, NE

From the eyes of Sadie

We all got to sleep in a little today because we didn’t have to hit the road until 9 this morning, which was amazing. We left Bailee’s aunt’s house in Lincoln, Nebraska and headed for our state run in Omaha, about an hour away. It was a point-to-point trail of 10 miles called the Keystone Trail so one of us had to drop the other three off at one end and drive to the other point and run some on that end. Bailee was the chosen one, so Nico and Charlie took off and I decided to bring along my phone to play music on my slow, solo long run.

I hadn’t experienced the “hate” part of the “love/hate” relationship that running can have for that many miles of a run. It was a cement path that had very little shade and went through both fields and more urban environments along the way. It wasn’t terribly hot but the sun exposure plus the humidity made the run feel never-ending. I’m not usually a long run girl; I like to get in between 5-7 miles in a day but never anything more than that so 10 was a challenge. Around 6.5 miles I ran into Bailee who was running from the opposite direction. We ran together for about two miles and then I told her to take off because I was pretty beat and going slower than her. At one point on our run together we ran into a gang of mean Canadian Geese. I hated these things growing up because they would flock to my K-8 school’s big fields, pooping and waddling around everywhere. However, I learned something new about them today: they hiss! I’ve never encountered such mean geese. They got angry at us when we tried to go through them, their hisses became funny as they continued to waddle around with sass as if they owned the path. Bailee decided to just hiss back as she ran through them and I stayed where we were because I was honestly pretty nervous about getting attacked. I could see a headline reading: “Colorado runner gets attacked by Canadian Geese on bike path in Omaha.” Nope. I was not going to let my grueling run end like this. What ended up happening was that a biker went through their pack hissing at them and then I quickly ran right after him hissing as well. I managed to survive my run-in with nasty Nebraskan birds!

After that, I had close to two miles left and it turned into my solo run again. It was interesting, because I ran faster miles during my solo time on the trail, probably because the music helped take my mind off the discomfort I felt. Sometimes I benefit from running with others, but other times I can benefit myself in a physical, mental, and emotional sense that running with others doesn’t do for me. Today was definitely one of those days. Although I’m glad I wasn’t facing that gang of geese alone.

Facts/stats of the day:

Miles driven: 254

Miles run: 38.4

Elevation gained (feet): 849

Geese that hissed at us: 7

Number of people projected to have Alzheimer's when they die in 2017: 700,000

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