Day 10.

Day 10 - Missoula, MT, to Medora, ND

Run - Ditzing around Buffalo Gap Campground and the surrounding roads.

From the eyes of Sadie Witt.

We woke up at a disgustingly early time, 4:00 am, to hit the road by 4:30 due to the long drive to find a campsite in Medora, North Dakota. Two hours in, as the sun was rising, we stopped in Butte, Montana, for breakfast at Park & Main Café. The place was empty. After coffee, huevos rancheros, and Charlie’s massive bowl of oatmeal, we headed out to a famous lake of sulfuric acid in town. Charlie and Nico saw an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations on Montana a couple nights before and got super pumped about this lake, especially Charlie. He ran up this hill to reach the lake’s fence to take a look at it and apparently couldn’t see it from there. And he discovered you would have to pay $2 to enter and that it wasn’t even open yet. He was a bit salty about the fee, pouted and whined, “this isn’t even a good town.” We had one more brief stop before hitting the road: a bakery. Usually I’m the only one not standing in line watching others order their delicious gluten-ous treats, but this time our newly-turned vegan, Charlie, stood alongside me. It was nice to have some company while Bailee and Nico selected and enjoyed their donuts.

Nine hours of driving flew by and we entered the grasslands of North Dakota. I’ve never been to ND, nor have I ever known anyone that’s been here. What a random state! We found our very cheap campground (with free showers!) in the middle of nowhere. After we set up our tent, the four of us took off for a little shakeout run because sitting in the car all day doesn’t feel great on the muscles, allowing us a little preview of the run we are supposed to do tomorrow. It was pretty windy as we ran through the green prairie grasses.

For dinner we had our vegan chili we made last night at our Airbnb in Missoula and then plan on heading into town to find a saloon (because why not, it seems very North Dakota-y). Tonight we will cuddle as we camp in the plains of this great state. Hopefully it won’t get too chilly.

Facts/Stats of the day:

Miles driven: 609

Miles ran: 21.4

Elevation gained (feet): 1706

Minutes slept by Sadie in the car: 148

Number of top 10 causes of death (other than Alzheimer's) that cannot be prevented or slowed: 0

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