Day 1.

Day 1 – Boulder, CO, to Gunnison, CO

Run – Snodgrass Mountain Trail, Crested Butte, CO


Nico (RRT’s Best Beard): Wow. Wow. Wow! You guys, this is it. We are here. Like actually doing this.


Bailee (Official RRT Violinist): It’s strange.


Sadie (*Hiccup*): It hasn’t yet hit me that I actually graduated from college. And that we’ve embarked on a project we’ve been working on for two years.


Bailee: It’s crazy to think that it will be two months before I can play cribbage with my dad. Or snuggle with my dog.


Sadie: The departure date (June 14th) always felt so far away. Now we’re sitting in our first host location in the Rocky Mountains. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how that long-awaited day is already over.


Bailee: So, I have a confession: I’ve never been away from Boulder this long. This is also the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing my family. Since starting school I’ve made it a point to go home a couple of times a month on weekends so that I could spend some time with my dog. And family. But mainly dog. But I think this trip will be good for me.


Nico: Undoubtedly. Now, about that run. Ten out of ten would recommend. Absolutely beautiful trail.


Charlie (“Play More Bob Dylan!”): Yeah, pretty beautiful trail! Too bad I was staring down at my feet panting the whole time.


Nico: Two out of ten would recommend if you aren’t already in pretty great shape.


Bailee: The run today was pretty hard. I definitely noticed the altitude.


Sadie: Wow I felt the altitude. Holy God.


Nico: Also, that was a lot of uphill.


Sadie: The tendonitis in my knee really did not like the steepness of that trail.


Charlie: I had to stop a few times to wait for the so-called “distance runner”...Nico.


Nico: To be fair, I’m more of a sprinter.


Charlie: Maybe, but I’ve definitely got you in the 50.


Sadie: I struggled today. The grade, the altitude, the unreal chafing….


Charlie: I’m glad we turned around when we did though, seeing as the snowfields on the trail kept getting bigger and bigger. I definitely didn’t put on the shoes for that kind of terrain today.


Sadie: I am still in disbelief at the generosity of our Airbnb host, discounting our night here to $10! She left a fridge stocked with food, and this homemade lasagna is awesome!


Bailee: Plus, we have cinnamon rolls for tomorrow morning!


Nico: Definitely set a high bar. Made easing into being on the road much much simpler.


Sadie: And the views are incredible up here. What a great first hosting location to get us going.


Charlie: Although this first day has been fun, I can’t lie, I’m a bit apprehensive for the days to come. Perhaps in a week I’ll feel more settled, but for now there’s still plenty of uncertainty that I hope a good team meeting or two can put to rest.


Nico: We do have some more details to work out. It will be a little up and down for sure. But nothing we can’t get through.


Charlie: Agreed. Good work today team. Cheers.


Nico: And now for today’s fun facts and stats!

-               Miles driven: 266

-               Miles ran: 19.9

-               Elevation gained (feet): 4,681

-               Bugs splattered on GoPro lens: 8